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Compliment and optimise the care of your home with the Vorwerk Cleaning and Maintenance products.
Vorwerk Kobosan Active and Kobotex clean your carpets. Kobolin adds a sparkle to your hard floors. Lavenia helps make a hygienic, allergy-free mattress, and Dovina Fragrance Chips freshen the air whilst vacuum cleaning.

Remove Stains with
Vorwerk Kobotex

For deep cleaning carpets, it's best to use Vorwerk Kobotex stain remover. Heavily soiled carpets and tricky stains have no chance.

Mattress Cleaning with
Vorwerk Lavenia

Free your mattress of skin, dust mites and their excrement with Lavenia Snow. The ability to hygienic clean your mattress is not only important for your well being, but thorough cleaning with Lavenia Snow means you can also protect against allergies.

Please note: Lavenia can only be used with the Carpet Brush 370 fitted with the Dry Cleaning Brushes 370.

The New Spring Scented Dovina Fragrance Chips

Perfume for your vacuum cleaner: The new Vorwerk "Spring" Dovina Fragrance Chips neutralise odours and give your home a fresh smell of spring.

The new Dovina Fragrance Chips with a spring scent work in combination with all present and previous Vorwerk vacuum cleaner models.

Dry Clean Carpets with
Vorwerk Kobosan Active

Your carpets will look like new and be hygienically clean even deep down in the carpet pile. Additionally your carpets will stay cleaner for longer when you treat them with Vorwerk Kobosan Active.

Please note: Kobosan Active can only be used with the Carpet Brush 370 fitted with the Dry Cleaning Brushes 370.

Shiny Hard Floors with
Vorwerk Koboclean

Look forward to bright and clean hard floors. Vorwerk Koboclean helps to clean and maintain waterproofed, sealed hard floors such as parquet flooring, sealed stone and marble.

Please note: Kobolin can only be used with the Hard Floor Cleaner SP530.

A Fresh Scent with
Vorwerk Fragrance Chips

Give your room a pleasant fresh scent and neutralise odours at the same time - with the Vorwerk Dovina Fragrance Chips.


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Vorwerk Kobold 150
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