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Gentle Cleaning that leaves Carpets Feeling Soft

The rotating brushes do all the hard work for you: with its rounded bristles the Dry Cleaning Brushes 370 reach deep into the carpet pile. The optimised speed of the brushes means the Dry Cleaning Brushes 370 remove even ground in dirt, but do it gently. After dry cleaning your carpets are sure to thank you.

The Perfect Refresher
for your carpets

Your carpets will look like new again, fresh and hygienically clean - with the Vorwerk Dry Cleaning Brushes 370. Dry Cleaning carpets is easy, just insert the Dry Cleaning Brushes 370 into the Vorwerk Carpet Brush 370 and you're good to go. Save yourself the hassle of renting heavy, bulky carpet cleaning machines.

Please note: The Dry Cleaning Brushes 370 are an accessory for our Vorwerk Carpet Brush 370.

Vorwerk Kobosan Active:
Approved by TÜV Nord

Our dry cleaning agent Kobosan Snow not only frees carpets from dust, but also helps remove bacteria, mould spores and dust mite faeces. Carpets are left hygienic and the level of allergenic substances is significantly reduced. Kobosan Active is the world's first cleaning agent with a TÜV allergy seal.

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