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Flexo-Attachment 15 - one for everything

The versatile helper for every occasion.

This multifunctional all-rounder is the solution for almost any dust problem. With its three different applications, the Flexo-Attachment 15 cleans surfaces quickly and reliably.

Curtains, picture frames, small nooks and crannies, cabinets, shelves and even in the car the Flexo-Attachment 15 is a sound performer. The adjustable nozzle makes it ready for any situation in hand.

The ideal attachment for...

Nooks and Crannies

No matter how well hidden the dust is: it is no match for the Flexo-Attachment 15. Slide the switch to bring the nozzle together, so you can get to small nooks and crannies. Perfect for you car's interior.


With an easy to grip handle, the Flexo-Attachment is a textile specialist. Quickly clean dust off your clothes or curtains - friendly, easily and extra clean.

Flat Surfaces

There's also an attachment to clean larger surface areas. When you attach the Flat Surace Brush the Flexo-Attachment 15 is ideal for cabinets, shelves, stairs and more.

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