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A fast way to clean your hard floors thoroughly, effectively and more conveniently than ever

Vacuum and mop, all in one. With the Kobold SP530 Hard Floor cleaner you can vacuum and mop your hard floors all in one go - very quickly and thoroughly: saving you up to half the time. The SP530 glides easily over tiles, laminate, parquet and even delicate stone floors.

The SP530 and Accessories

A great team for deep cleaning your hard floors: The Kobold SP530, the MF530 Cleaning Cloths, the Solution Dispenser and Koboclean Solution.

The SP530 Basic Set

Vacuum and Mop All in One

Attach a damp micro-fibre cloth, and you're ready to go: The oscillating motion cleans hard floors very thoroughly - and without any effort.

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Microfibre Cloths

Optimal deep cleaning for all hard floors: The Universal, Universal Soft, Dry and Parquet Cleaning Cloths.

The Cleaning Cloths

Solution Dispenser

Keep your hands dry with the clever SP530 Solution Dispenser. You only need 100ml of water to clean 20m² of hard floors!

The Solution Dispenser


Acheive even better cleaning results with Koboclean Universal and Koboclean Parquet cleaning solutions.

Koboclean Cleaning Solution

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