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The World's First:
The "3 in 1" Principle

Three filters in one filter bag - the Premium Filter Bag 150 for the Kobold 150 Vacuum Cleaner. The bag even contains a micro-filter for tiny microscopic particles. Therefore there's no need for any additional filters.

The multi-layer Vorwerk Filter Bag traps large particles, small particles and even microscopic particles that are known to trigger asthma and allergies. At the same time the bag also has active odour pearls to neutralize bad smells.

Please note: the Premium Filter Bag 150 is an accessory for the Vorwerk Kobold 150 Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Makes Life Easier and
Saves Money

Practical and convenient: you can replace the Vorwerk Premium Filter Bags in a few easy steps without having to worry about changing or spending any money on other filters.

With only one filter to change, every time you change the filter bag, it's essentially like having a brand new machine all over again.

All Dust, Dust Mites and Allergens Stay in the Bag

You can be sure that when you replace the Vorwerk Premium Filter Bag, all fine dust and micro particles remain securely in the filter bag. The dust cap of the filter bag automatically closes when the Kobold 150 is switched off, making the disposal extremely hygienic.

The World's First TÜV Certified Filter Bag

The Vorwerk filter technology with its "3 in 1" principle already has many patents. Original Vorwerk Kobold 150 Premium Filter Bags are the world's first TÜV certified filter bags.


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