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Telescopic Handle

Performance on Demand.

You can easily adjust the telescopic handle to your desired height so you can vacuum around your home with an ergonomically, back-friendly posture.

The main power switch is conveniently located on the handle grip, right where you want it.

When you finish vacuum cleaning the telescopic handle slides right down to make the Kobold easy to store, even in a small closet.

Efficient Motor

Powerful, economical and very quiet.

Save energy while you vacuum: The new 900 watt motor of the Kobold 150 delivers maximum suction and high efficiency, saving the environment and saving you money.

Better than ever before.

The new motor of the Vorwerk Kobold 150 not only provides powerful suction, but is also extremely quiet, maintenance-free and 45% lighter than its predecessor.

Premium Filtration

Three filters in one - with an integrated HEPA filter.

The Kobold 150's premium filter bag combines 3 layers of filtration to capture 99.99% of allergy causing substances. The Kobold 150 and its filtration system have been accredited as "suitable for allergy sufferers" and the premium filter bag is the world's only TÜV-tested vacuum cleaner bag.

No more cleaning and replacing filters.

The bag which holds the dirt in the Kobold 150 also acts as a filter. So when you change the premium filter bag it's like having a brand new vacuum cleaner!

Universal Swivel Joint

Turning corners since 1984.

The Universal Swivel Joint of the Kobold 150 lets you vacuum around corners with ease and speeds up the time you spend vacuum cleaning.

Effortlessly vacuum under furniture.

You can easily reach underneath furniture and beds: not only is the Kobold 150 flexible and agile, but with the universal swivel joint the vacuum cleaner can lay down flat, without losing any suction.

Rotating Carpet Brushes

Cleans more than just the surface.

The unique Roller Brushes of the Carpet Brush 370 are powered by a separate motor, allowing for a deep, thorough clean. Remove stubborn pet hair, dirt and dust from carpets and hard floors.

Effortlessly vacuum under furniture.

When used with the Carpet Brush 370, the Kobold 150 automatically adjusts to deliver the optimum suction power depending on the floor covering. This saves you the hassle of changing any settings when vacumming different surfaces.

Technical Data

Weight: 3.00kg (4.60kgwith Carpet Brush 370 attached).
Noise Emissions:  78dB with Kobold 150 system (measured on carpet in ideal conditions).
Motor:  Maintenance-reluctance motor with ball bearings, electronic power control, with protective resistor (NTC) protected, rated 60,000 rpm max.
Housing:  High quality, recyclable, thermoformed plastic
Connection Values:  For 220-240 volts alternating current. Maximum power 900 watts (with additional equipment: 1,300 watts). 7.0m radius according to DIN IEC 60 312.


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