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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Kobold VR100
Upright Vacuum Cleaner Kobold VK150

Carpet Brush EB370

The rotating brushes of the Carpet Brush 360 effectively removes dirt, whilst still being gentle on carpets and hard floors.

The Carpet Brush EB370

Upholstery Boy PB430

The Vorwerk Upholstery Boy 420 helps remove stubborn pet hair and dust mite faeces from stairs, sofas, car seats and much much more.

The Upholstery Boy PB430

Hard Floor cleaning

The ideal solution for hard floors: The Vorwerk Hard Floor Cleaner 530 vacuums and mops all in one. Save time and save effort!

The Hard Floor Cleaner SP530

Handheld VC100

There when you need it: great for quickly picking up crumbs, dust and other dirt. A portable handheld vacuum cleaner.

The Handheld VC100

Tools & Attachments

With the large range of Vorwerk Tool and Attachements available you will always be able to find the right tool for the job.

The Tools & Attachments

Dry Cleaning Kit FK370

Use these brushes with the Carpet Brush FK370 and you can dry clean carpets and clean mattresses thoroughly.

The Dry Cleaning Brushes

Mattress Brush MB370

Have a pleasant nights sleep: thoroughly clean and rid your mattress of dust mites and allergens with the Mattress Brushes MB370.

The Mattress Brushes

Genuine Filter Bags

The original Vorwerk HEPA Filter Bags help to capture even the smallest of particles and allegerns and keep them locked inside.

The Genuine Filter Bags

Cleaning Agents

Cleaning Agents and Maintenance products for carpets, hard floors and mattresses.

The Cleaning Agents

Window Cleaning Set

Window cleaning made easy: with our new Window Cleaning Set your windows will shine in no time.

The Window Cleaning Set

Vacuum Packs

The Vorwerk Vacuum Packs will finally give you the storage space you've been looking for. Store away bedding, clothes and more.

The Vacuum Packs

Kobold VK140 Toy

The Toy Kobold 140 Vacuum Cleaner comes with its own "dust" in the form of polystyrene balls, which are easy to vacuum away.

The Kobold VK140 Toy

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