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December 2013.

Wonderfloors: Vacuum & Mop with the SP530 Hard Floor Cleaner

Rounding up the most useful and sleek multi-tasking kitchen gadgets this Christmas, the Period Living team loved the efficient vacuuming and mopping prowess of the VK150 and new SP530 hard floor cleaning attachment in December's tried and tested feature. We'd agree completely that Vorwerk gadgets are 'Little Miracles'.

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8th November 2013.

Gadget of the Week: The Vorwerk VR100 Robot Vacuum

Featuring awe inspiring inspiration and ideas for the home, Inside Property loved the helpful VR100 Robot Vacuum and were very impressed with the laser scanner and easy to use scheduling system that lets you come back to a freshly vacuumed home.

Best of all - the pet cat loved it too!

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1st October 2013.

Space Age Sucking from the VK150 Home Cleaning System

T3 is one of the UK's hottest magazines for gadget and technology lovers, so when they likened the VK150 home cleaning system to other vacuum cleaners as comparing a 'neutron bomb to a popgun' in their TECHlife supplement we were beaming from ear-to-ear!

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1st October 2013.

101 Gadgets You Can't Live Without - The VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Labelled as 'The best robo-vac currently available to humanity' T3 has listed the VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner as one of the most essential gadgets for your home. Impressed with its 'pin-point laser navigation' we were pleased that the folks at T3 hailed the VR100 as a robot vacuum cleaner that 'actually, you know, sucks stuff up.'

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22nd August 2013.

Pocketful of Rye - Cleaner, Pet, Companion... The VR100 Robot

When Emily from Pocketful of Rye reviewed the robot VR100 we called it puppy love…Emily came dangerously close to naming her new BFF and the moment the vacuum entered her life, her childhood dreams came true - she even admitted for the first time ever her home has been hoovered every day. Sometimes twice. Need we say more….?

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19th July 2013.

Irish Examiner - VR100 Feature - Product Watch

We were very pleased when the lovely folk at the Irish Examiner, one of Ireland's most-read newspapers, gave our trusty VR100 robot a sparkling review.

The team were impressed by the robot's sleek appearance and thought it packed a major punch in terms of performance thanks to its ability to climb over door bars and navigate from carpet to smooth floor without faltering. Our kind VR100 was even lent to a poorly lady that was recovering from emergency surgery. Having a robotic vacuum at her fingertips meant she didn't have to lift anything heavy but could still have a freshly vacuumed home in which to recover. How's that for nice!

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12th July 2013.

Gadget Speak

The team at Gadget Speak are self-confessed gizmo geeks, so we jumped at the chance for them to put our VC100 handheld vacuum to the test. Impressed by the fact that the VC100 can be used just easily by both left and right-handed people, they thought it super-stylish too!

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1st July 2013.

Prizes Galore Magazine

The VC100 handheld vacuum got a mention this month in the magazine Prizes Galore. The team at the magazine think that it makes the perfect present for those who combine a love for the latest gadgets with a bit of a clean streak, and we can't disagree!

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June 2013.

Inspire magazine

Inspire Magazine, the official publication of charity Arthritis Care, put our VR100 Robot to the test recently, to see if it could potentially help those with restricted movement with one of the most tiresome of household chores. We have to say that the VR100 definitely won them over, and they were pleased with how well it cleaned. They also wrote that, 'if you find vacuuming difficult, this could be the answer', making us extremely happy!

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May 2013.

Cyborg Cleaning in Grand Designs

Grand Designs magazine has featured our VR100 robot vacuum in its latest issue as the ideal tool for making light work of dusty floors. Mentioning the robot's clever sensors that ensure it doesn't fall down stairs or trip on carpet, we are sure that the Grand Designs team will be just as impressed when they see it in person at the Grand Designs Live exhibition next month. The facts that the VR100 is bagless, can be programmed to vacuum when you're out and that it returns to its charging point when the battery becomes empty were also highlighted as bonuses of our clever cleaning machine.

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26th March 2013.

The Independent: Ten Best Cordless Cleaner features the VC100 Handheld

Our VC100 handheld vacuum cleaner scored a triple whammy this week, appearing in the Independent newspaper, its sister newspaper 'i' and the Independent online as part of a top 10 cordless vacuums feature. Praising the VC100's sleek appearance, the Independent thinks that it is the ideal tool for sucking up crumbs from the dinner table and for keeping home offices and cars spick and span - and we have to agree! In fact, we are sure that the VC100 is the most stylish and practical of the bunch - see if you agree with us by checking out the full article.

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March 2013.

VR100 Robot is featured in Staffordshire Living's March/April issue!

Staffordshire Living, the bi-monthly glossy lifestyle publication that delivers the latest news to homes and businesses in and around Staffordshire, has featured the Vorwerk VR100 Robot in its Spring Cleaning feature. They thought it was ideal for 'neat freaks, tech lovers and the house-proud' and praised it for being 'sleek and compact', so we're very happy!

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March 2013.

T3 Magazine gives the VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 4 out of 5!

Having got their hands on a robot a few months back, the team at T3 magazine recently pitched our VR100 against a variety of other automaton cleaners from top-name brands for the March issue, and we're pleased to report back that our robot scored joint top with a healthy 4/5! Cited as 'more intelligent' than the other top-scorer, T3 liked the fact that the VR100 is easy to empty, has the agility to tackle most obstacles and delivers a 'very respectable' clean.

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8th January 2013.

The VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Impresses Geekoid.co.uk

Lifestyle and technology review website Geekoid.co.uk wrote about our VC100 handheld vacuum back in May last year, and this month the team has been putting our robot through its paces. They're a hard bunch to impress, but the VR100 did us proud and left them extremely pleased with our 'amazing piece of technology'. They think it's a great way of maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the home, and we think we may just be giving their Henry a run for his money.

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11th December 2012.

Top marks from MSN Tech

The team at MSN Tech road-tested our Robot vacuum and found it, we quote, 'the best robot cleaner you can buy'. Impressed with its flat edge that allows it to get into corners unlike circular models, MSN Tech were also astounded by its agility and powerful suction. Our Robot's easy-to-use menu system scored it top marks too, with comments such as 'it's the most user-friendly cleaner around' leaving us extremely pleased!

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December 2012.

T3 Magazine: Mildy Obssessed with Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Our VR100 Robot vacuum features in the latest issue of T3 magazine, the must-read monthly bible for all those who are gadget and technology obsessed. T3 liken the VR100 to a cross between a missile and a Game Boy, and this can only make for a good cleaning combination in our book.

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4th December 2012.

Our Robot Vacuum Cleaner pleases PocketLint.com

Pocketlint.com got their hands on a VR100 robot vacuum, and our trusty gadget did not let us down. Impressed by the robot's power and cleaning ability, Pocketlint were kind enough to say that "as robotic vacuums go, this is the only one we have used which has genuinely replaced our day-to-day cleaning. It is powerful enough to get rid of most mess, quiet enough that it doesn't irritate while going about its business and careful enough that it cleans up everything around it." Some pretty good feedback there if you ask us!

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15th November 2012.

The VR100 Robot receives 5 G's from Channel 5's The Gadget Show!

The tech-loving team at The Gadget Show website loved our VR100 Robot vacuum so much, they have touted it as 'the best automaton cleaner we've ever encountered'. Impressed by our robot's laser mapping ability and orderly vacuuming style, we achieved 'full marks, for what might be the first time in robot hoover history." We're as pleased as punch!

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31st October 2012.

Latest Gadgets puts the Robot VR100 through its paces

The self-confessed gizmo geeks at www.latestgadgets.co.uk jumped at the chance to get hands-on with our VR100 Robot vacuum, and after putting it through its paces, they were suitably impressed by its easy-to-use nature and cleaning capability. They were also pleasantly surprised by the vacuum's ability to pick up dog hair more effectively than other, more powerful stand-up models. Well, we do aim to please!

Read the Review and Watch Latest Gadgets' Video of the Robot Online Here

13th October 2012.

The Scotsman Magazine on the Kobold VR100

We're becoming quite the regulars in the pages of newspaper Scotland on Sunday's Scotsman Magazine, with a review of our VR100 Robot vacuum appearing on the 14th October. The review proclaims that the Robot is 'the kind of sci-fi gadget that 1970s comic books predicted', and we can just imagine it flying through the skies leaving a dust-free path in its wake.

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29th September 2012.

Revolutionary Robot Vacuum Cleaning From Vorwerk

Luxury London-based magazine Semperey featured our VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner on its online blog, citing it as a revolutionary, stylish and practical tool that allows you to sit back and relax while it does all the hard work.

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19th September 2012.

Gizmodo UK: "When Did Handheld Vacuums Get So Beautiful?".

Gizmodo, the 'go-to authority for gadget news and digital culture' believe our VC100 handheld vacuum is simply beautiful. In fact, they loved it so much it makes us blush to repeat it, so read the full review and see for yourself!

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9th September 2012.

Gadget: Vorwerk Kobold VC100 Rechargeable Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner.

Scottish newspaper The Scotsman recently reviewed the Kobold VC100 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner in the regular must-read gadget section in its popular Sunday edition Scotland on Sunday. Impressed by the handheld's compact size and lightweight nature, Scotland on Sunday found the VC100 to be both practical and stylish.

Read the Full Review Here

September 2012.

Homes & Interiors Scotland: "Suck It Up".

The Handheld VC100 Vacuum Cleaner featured in glossy Scottish lifestyle magazine, Homes & Interiors Scotland recently as a must-have product to banish biscuit crumbs and even the biggest of spills.

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September 2012.

Kobold VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Ideal for every Man Cave.

The Irish Examiner think that the VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal gadget for all men who are just too lazy to do the vacuuming. We definitely agree that it's a must-have item for all man caves.

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August 2012.

Absolutely Magazines feature the Kobold VC100 Handheld Cleaner.

Glossy lifestyle titles Absolutely Kensington and Absolutely Notting Hill featured the VC100 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner in its selection of the most glamorous gadgets around, citing it as 'the finest in sleek German design'.

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July 2012.

The Kobold VC100 acheives the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

The Red Dot Design Awards, which date back to 1955, is now one of the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world. For 2012 the Red Dot award for product design went to the Vorwerk Kobold VC100 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner!

See What Red Dot Had To Say

29th May 2012.

Revolutionary handheld vacuum cleaning with the Kobold VC100.

Gadget review site Geekoid is a great place to find no nonsense tech reviews. A review of the new Kobold VC100 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has shown it to be an incredibly convenient cleaning gadget to have around the home.

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June 2005.

Which? readers highly recommend Vorwerk.

Which? is well known to provide independent league tables on everything from child seats to mobile phones. So you can imagine our delight when we topped one of their surveys!

In Which?'s 2005 report on vacuum cleaners, Vorwerk scored the highest marks when owners were asked if they would definitely recommend their brand to a friend. A score of 70% saw us nearly double the score of Dyson (39%) and more than triple that of Hoover (22%).

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