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LCD Control Panel

It's easy to program the VR100

Simple, clear, comfortable: The control panel with LCD display and intuitive menu navigation makes it easy for you to program the VR100. The robot vacuum will start cleaning at the exact time that you set or even with just the touch of one button if you prefer.

Laser Room Scanner

Cleans systematically, avoids obstacles

Thanks to the innovative laser detection system of the Kobold VR100 the robot vacuum cleaner knows exactly where it has been and where to go next. Systematically it navigates through your home and thoroughly cleans all around the floor. With the help of optical sensors it can also detect objects to avoid and even safely avoid falling down the stairs.

Dust Collector

Large volume, optimum filter performance

Hygiene is the priority: the filter of the Vorwerk Kobold VR100 ensures that all the dirt is vacuumed up, stays safely inside, regardless of capacity. You can see when the dust collector is full and with a few simple steps, it's easy to empty. The filter can also be removed when needed and cleaned to keep up a great performance.

Lithium-Ion Battery

The powerful energy source

The robot vacuum cleaner that can clean your home again and again because of its powerful lithium-ion battery: The high-quality, long-life battery of the VR100 provides 1 hour of reliable cleaning on full power. If it needs to, the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return to its charging station to recharge. When it is done charging the VR100 continues cleaning right where it left off.


Does not give up so easily

Our robot is not so easy to stop! With its all-wheel-drive, the robot vacuum cleaner VR100 can handle virtually any obstacles such as doorsteps, cables or even transitions from hard floors to carpets. The VR100 automatically distributes the power it needs to each of its individual needs, similar to a 4x4 car. Hence that's why the Vorwerk robot vacuum cleaner will keep on going, without getting stuck and does the job thoroughly until it is finished.

Effective Brush System

For visible cleanliness

Typical Vorwerk: Reliably so, the robot vacuum cleaner Kobold VR100 cleans both your carpets and hard floors - and all by itself. The ingenious system of roller brushes can even help remove pet hair. With its rotating brushes and special corner brush the VR100 cleans around corners, right up to edges, and even under beds and furniture.

Unique Shape

So that the dirt has no chance!

The Vorwerk Kobold VR100 robot vacuum cleaner is able to clean under beds and furniture - even dirt in the corners doesn't have a chance: The unique shape of the VR100 and the special corner brush means it can reach virtually every corner of your home. The VR100 systematically cleans with the help of its laser detection system by mapping out a route to clean. It can automatically clean different floor types and moves around obstacles to avoid them safely.

Technical Data

Safety Signs: CE Mark.
Housing:  High quality, recyclable, thermoformed plastic.
Motor:  Maintenance-free DC motor.
Fan:  Single-stage fan.
Voltage:  100-240 volts AC 50/60 Hertz.
Rated:  1.5 A input, 2.5 output.
Weight:  Approx 5kg (without accessories).
Noise Level:  70 dBA (measured on carpet in ideal conditions).
Battery Pack: Lithium-Ion 14.4V, about 64Wh, nominally.


  • Kobold VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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