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SP530 Accessories

The accessories to make sure that your SP530 Hard Floor Cleaner is always ready for use - to clean quickly and thoroughly, no matter what type of hard floor.

MF530 Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloths

Essential for efficient deep cleaning of your hard floors with the SP530. The MF520 Universal, MF530 Universal Soft and the MF530 Parquet are available in packs of 4. There are also the MF530 Dry available in packs of 2.

SP530 Solution Dispenser

With the SP530 Solution Dispenser you can accurately apply the right amount of water to the MF530 Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloths - no mess and no fuss: keeping your hands dry.


The Koboclean cleaning concentrate is available as a universal solution or suitable for parquet - both for a gentle yet very thorough clean of your hard floors. One bottle contains 500ml of Koboclean.

SP530 Cloth Carrier

The cloth carrier is one of the most important parts of your Kobold SP530 Hard Floor Cleaner. Only with its oscillating movements, do the MF530 Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloths take full effect.

SP530 Accessory Bag

Substance and style: The accessory bag has the ideal amount of space for storing all the accessories for the SP530 Hard Floor Cleaner. It also looks quite good too!

SP530 Accessory Sets

The perfect accessories for cleaning your hard floors are now available in money saving sets. Save by visiting our online shop today!

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