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Gently Cleans Upholstery in your Home and your Car

The versatility of the Vorwerk Upholstery Boy PB430 is inspiring: the ergonomic shape makes it ideal for dirty car seats, rugs, sofas, pillows and even loose blankets. The special brush guard on the base also means you can clean your soft furnishings gently.

Award Winning Design

The distinctive design of the Upholstery Boy PB430 has received an internationally prestigious award: The Red Dot Design Award.

Effortless Cleaning for Hard
to Reach Places

With the Vorwerk Upholstery Boy PB430 you can remove dust mites, pet hair, crumbs, lint and even stubborn dirt from areas you haven't been able to reach before. The PB430 is ideal for cleaning textile fabrics, upholstery and those tricky to clean stairs.

Please note: The Upholstery Boy PB430 is an accessory for our Vorwerk Vacuum Cleaners.

The Power of an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

You'll be amazed at the power of the Upholstery Boy PB430 and how it easily eliminates dirt deep down in your soft textiles and upholstery.

The basic principle behind deep cleaning is a combination of the PB430's counter-rotating brushes and its' suction power. The brushes virbrate the fibres to loosen the dirt and the suction means the dirt is immediately vaccumed away. Far more powerful than just suction alone.

Technical Data

Weight: 600g.
Motor:  Maintenance Free DC Motor, direct drive.
Roller Brushes:  2 counter-rotating ~ 4000rpm.
Noise Emission:  76dB with Kobold 150 system (measured on upholstery in ideal conditions).
Connection Values:  For 230 volts alternating current. Maximum 50 watts power absorption only in conjunction with Vowerk Vacuum Cleaners. Connection Via plug-in.


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